Leading engine builders and their customers rely on our products

Leading engine builders and their customers rely on our products thanks to our experience and strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process. A rail which contains a pressurized reserve of fuel. Bosch genuine OE injectors provide superior performance and durability and are manufactured to original equipment specifications. You can be confident when you install Bosch Genuine OE injectors you are receiving a quality diesel injector. Today, common rail systems have led to significant achievements in diesel engine technology. DUAP offers the highest quality with all its components: pump elements,pressure valves, injection nozzles and injection systems. With the combination of several high pressure pumps in pressure units a considerable greater power range can be covered. A common rail engine is designed to supply constant fuel pressure to electronically controlled injectors through a shared fuel reservoir. View Product Genuine OE High Pressure Pumps Bosch High Pressure Pumps come standard on the majority of diesel vehicles, providing superior performance and durability. This means that the fuel supply is not dependent on the engine rpms. With a long history of diesel fuel injection expertise and innovation, Bosch engineers manufacture glow plugs to withstand the rigorous demands of today’s diesel engines. View Product Nozzles Bosch Nozzles are designed to withstand the heavy demands of today’s diesel engines. The common rail system was designed to help manufacturers optimize fuel consumption and comply with emissions regulations by separating pressure generation and injection. View Product Genuine OE Injectors Bosch is the world’s leading supplier of diesel fuel injection systems and is standard equipment on many diesel engines today. Each Bosch Nozzle is engineered for exacting precision and durability, to deliver a long, reliable service life for consistently superior diesel engine performance. Diesel Parts Glow Plugs Bosch Glow Plugs are critical for starting up a diesel engine. A Diesel Control Unit – the ‘brain’ of the system, which precisely controls injector flow and timing as well as rail pressure while continuously monitoring the operating conditions of the engine.

With almost 30 years of history and expertise, Diesel Levante offers the most complete range for Diesel Injection . Injectors which inject precise amounts of fuel into the combustion chamber as required. In the area of large diesel engines we cover all applications. It is calculated that by 2015, 90% of new diesel vehicles will incorporate Common Rail injection systems and 10 million such systems will already be on the road. View Product Remanufactured High Pressure Pumps Bosch Remanufactured High Pressure Pumps are cost-effective and meet the same high standards and safeguards as brand new High Pressure Pumps. The philosophy of our Company is based on the reliability, professionalism, expertise and price/quality ratio.In order to satisfy any request from our customers, we have available a warehouse with more than 15.000 items Diesel Levante branded and those of the most important national and international manufacturers.Our catalogues are available here attached for all the professionals in the sector who have logged in to our website.

DUAP has focussed on Diesel engines, Heavy Fuel engines and pilotinjection systems on gas engines. Bosch remanufactured injectors include all OE updates, so they can often be superior to the OE injectors that they replace. View Product

Bosch debuted its common rail fuel injection system in the United States in 1999, and soon after, expanded its Charleston, S.C., plant to manufacture common rail systems for GM trucks. All wearable parts and critical components are replaced with genuine Bosch parts, and the latest original equipment production technology is used. The pre-heat, starting and post-glow phases of a glow plug’s operation affect not only the start-up function, but the vehicle’s overall performance as well. A common rail system is built around four basic components: A high pressure pump with pressure regulator and inlet metering valve. We have available spare parts for diesel injection pumps, injectors and unit injector pumps. View Product Remanufactured Common Rail Injectors Bosch’s Remanufactured Diesel Injectors are produced at the same Bosch facility as the new diesel injectors. Our systems are installed on main and auxiliary Diesels engines on ships as well as on locomotives and industrial power generating stations. The power range goes from 500 kW to 20 000 kW. On average, a diesel nozzle fires 1,000 times per minute, so precision and durability are important features.

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