Diesel engine spare parts list

Diesel engine spare parts list

Engines of the different vehicles come in several verities, so the customers always make their diesel engine spare parts list according to the type of the vehicle. For example, the engine of a truck is quite different from the car engine. Today many advance engines are introducing in the market which can be handled through their advance computerizing handling system.

Here is diesel engine spare parts list with their functions so the customers can get the idea of the parts very well.


It is basically the major part of the engine that houses the piston. In the engine of the basic car, it can fixed anywhere from 4 to 8 cylinders. The arrangement of the cylinders always made according to the benefits and losses of the engine and it is also depending on the vehicle too because different vehicles need different numbers for the cylinders to match the specification of the model fully.

Spark Plug

Spark plug is basically used to give a spark to the engines. It is usually requires to ignite the air and the fuel mixture.


Valves play an important role in working the engine properly because it’s normally helps the air and fuel to enter in the chamber of the combustion. They always remain in the sealed position and only open when needed.

Piston and its rings

Pistons are normally located inside the cylinder and it is made of metal. The rings of the piston are located between the piston and the cylinder. They provide a good strong seal between the outer side of the piston and inner side of the cylinder. These are also very useful to control the leakage inside the engine.

Connecting rod and Crankshaft

The connecting rod is always helpful to move the piston rings from the up to down wards. Crankshaft is basically depended on the rods due to configuration of the piston.


It is always fixed around the crankshaft, and it contains the same amount of the oil and a very important part of the engine. It is highly important for an engine to work perfectly according to the engine demands.

In this article main diesel engine spare parts list has been discussed with short content for the understating of the customers.