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Reasons your Bosch diesel injector could fail

Bosch diesel injectors play an irreplaceable role in the whole diesel injection engine system. Injectors provide the engine’s combustion chamber with high pressure fuel sprays needed to keep the engine running, but is it a robust system that is too important to fail? No, no, they should not fail, but they can and do fail. But what exactly could make your injector run down when you need it most?. Here are some of the common causes of Bosch diesel injector failure that you need to know and guard against.

Poor fuel filtration has often been cited as a serious cause of these failures. Common failures are often tied to the erosion of the valve positioned within these injectors and through which fuel passes on its way to the combustion chamber. Injector valve fuel often passes through this point at high pressure and any abrasive contaminants carried in the fuel could gradually wear down these valves and make them.defective.

diesel injectors

Fuel contamination is a second major cause of Bosch diesel injector failure, and one that car owners and engine care givers must give adequate attention. Water is one such serious contaminant that would have far reaching ramifications when it reaches the diesel injector. Water could reach the fuel through the delivery tank, or sip into the fuel during storage and handling if these processes are not conducted properly. Micro particles are also a serious contaminant when they make their way into the fuel and can easily sediment themselves into the Bosch diesel injector, bogging it down over time.

Incorrect installation of the Bosch diesel injector is another predisposing factor to it’s failure. Different car models require different versions of the diesel injector to be installed. Having the wrong hands do the work is likely to engage mechanical failure, including incorrect tightening, incorrect positioning as well as poor cleaning of the system.

Finally, a mismatch between the injector and supporting components is another serious issue that has to be observed. Often times people simply buy spare parts without paying due attention to the compatibility of the spare parts with the existing base equipment. Having a serious mismatch between the injector and other supporting documents is likely to encourage failure as the two struggle to work together.

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