How to care for your caterpillar injector pump

So now you have chosen to make that all time investment of buying a caterpillar injector pump, a nice thing to do. It is a very logical assumption that you with require nothing but the best out of your new component, from performance through reliability to the whole aspect of durability. Well,  caterpillar products are just meant for that, but they also have one demand on you,its a win-win situation so to say, and this is nothing other than utmost care and maintenance. Yes, utmost care and maintenance is the thing, but do you know how to fulfil this condition? Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Use only the right fuel – Please read your manual carefully, for it is your first line defense whenever you fal behind on some things. That fuel specification is one thing that you will have to respect all through, else you crash your own machine too soon. Next regards the quality of the fuel you use, it is no secret that contaminated fuel is poisonous to your machine and more so the injector pump. Ensure that the fuel going into your caterpillar injector pump is of the right type, quality and purity.
  • Regular service is good for you – Ask the experts and they will tell you that nothing serves your machine better than regular expert service. This is the backbone of the catepillar injector pump long life. Ensure that your machine is serviced every once in a while,not just when it breaks down but periodically when it has done quite some good job. Let this be the rule of the thumb.

Correct instattion and correct handling too – Never assume that because you neighbor next door boasts of having experience with injector means he can satisfactorily handle your caterpilar injector pump; you could be in for a rude shock. Trust the best trained technicians around town to do the work, because they know the way around the machine and do appreciate the very need to do things the right way. Right from installation to servicing and repairs trust no one but reputable service shops certified to handle this equipment.