denso diesel injector nozzles

How to care for your Denso diesel injector nozzles

Diesel injector nozzles play the important dual role of determining the levels of diesel needed by the engine’s combustion chamber based on the amount of oxygen being sucked in, and providing the very pathway for that diesel to reach this combustion chamber. Often times the diesel being sent to the combustion chamber passes at super fast pressure, meaning that fatigue, wear and tear are likely suspects in the structure of this part. Performing such important duties in such a high demanding environment directs exposes the nozzles to serious wear and tear, so why not look at a couple of ways to care for these loyal servants? Here are some.

  • Replace the nozzle valve from time to time – Denso diesel injector nozzles come with nozzle valves lined with special technology to cope with the abrasive effect of high pressure diesel passing through the. While the technology is high end it is meant to slow down the degradation over time and not to cut it out completely. This means that over long period the exposure will wear them.down and for you to continue enjoying these high end services you will surely need to keep them.replaced at least once in a while. Look for the tell tale signs.
  • Contaminated diesel is not good for your nozzles – Diesel contamination can have very devastating effects on your vehicle, and these effects may be felt more diesel nozzles than most other parts. The fact that diesel passing through these regions does so at high pressure means that the effect will be felt even more sharply than before. Water contamination will only accelerate the rate of corrosion, while micro particles in the fuel will mean chances of blockage are significant higher. Ensure the fuel is stored away from water, and chances of this water sipping its way through to the tank are minimized as well.
  • Regular service is good for you – That service may be as simplistic as a routine cleanup or as complex as a complete overhaul, but you need it. Regular service will block out majority of the most pressing issues and tackled them at the earliest stages before they cripple your Denso diesel injector nozzles.

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